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By Shauna
July 25, 2014
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Hi all,

Thanks in part to the previous owner Vicki taking the name and moving “Dakota Fanning Fan” to Fan-Sites.org, we have chosen to change the name of this site to “I Heart Dakota.” So look for a design to reflect the new name to be coming up soon, plus for the gallery as well.

By Shauna
July 14, 2014
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Here is an exclusive look at Dakota in “Very Good Girls.”

Side Note: The new film comes as the directorial debut of screenwriter (Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s mother) Naomi Foner, and boasts a soundtrack by Jenny Lewis.

Also the film features a pretty impressive cast. Which includes Elizabeth Olsen, Demi Moore, and Richard Dreyfuss to name a few. You can see the whole gang in this exclusive clip featuring a tense family dinner and a determined Fanning and Olsen.

Very Good Girls is available via VOD now and will be released in theaters on July 25. You can take a look at the clip below.

By Shauna
June 30, 2014
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Watch the trailer for Dakota’s latest film, ‘Very Good Girls’ below.

Movie Summary

Two New York friends Lily and Gerry who make a pact to lose their virginity during the summer before they leave for college. In a bid to gain more life experience, Lily persuades her mate to ditch her clothes and run naked into the sea. At one point Lily stands topless, clutching her hands over her chest as she talks Gerry into joining her. After some debate, the shy blonde throws caution to the wind and makes a naked dash into the sea. Perhaps predictably, the girls’ pact goes wrong when they both fall for a handsome artist, (Boyd Holbrook) and Lily starts seeing him in secret. 

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