The Wrap photoshoots
Jun, 6 Posted by Stefy

Dakota did two new photoshoot for The Wrap while promoting “The Alienist”.

Dakota Fanning, who stars as a police secretary in TNT’s 1890s crime drama “The Alienist,” says her character’s storylines disappointingly reflect much of modern-day women’s experiences.
Fanning’s Sara Howard, secretary to the police commissioner, is often the butt of the mistreatment from her co-workers, but by the end of the series, she’s also the one pushing them to solve the case of a serial killer murdering young children.
“You see Sara’s involvement evolve, and we see her kind of come into her power in her position at the police department,” Fanning said in an interview with TheWrap. “We see her in this position of power, wanting to continue this case when everyone else is thinking it’s hopeless … and maybe not worth it.” – THE WRAP

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