Rankin photoshoot
Oct, 17 Posted by Stefy

Some more photos from Dakota’s photoshoot with Rankin for Hunger Magazine came out! You can now buy the magazine so run and get your copy before it’s too late! Make sure to check out part of her interview from their site as well.

“I was just raised to work hard and be kind to other people and do my best – that was all I was ever told,” says Dakota Fanning with a smile. It’s an effective way to be raised, for sure, as Dakota may just be the nicest celebrity I’ve ever interviewed. And that’s not to say she’s boring, she’s far from that, and in the hour we have following her cover shoot with Rankin, we traverse a wide range of topics from fashion – “I love it but I hate trying on clothes” – through mental health and social media – “It has created more stress in young people’s lives” – to having a voice – “I think in general, just as a human being, it’s important to help other people and give back”. – READ MORE

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning