The Runaways
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I have added 933 screencaps from The Runaways.

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Dakota Hates Dating
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Dakota Fanning shies away from dating because she “cannot be bothered” with romance until she finds the man she plans to marry.

The 18-year-old, who found fame as a child star with her performance in 2001’s I Am Sam, reveals her parents Steven and Heather were childhood sweethearts who married when they finished college – and she wants her relationship to emulate theirs.

As a result, Fanning admits she doesn’t want to waste her time dating – she just wants to find her future husband.

She tells Glamour magazine, “I don’t really date. I have a weird vision of relationships because my parents have known each other since second grade, and they got married right out of college. I’ve always thought that’s what it’s supposed to be like, and if it’s not, then I don’t want to waste my time on it. Even when I was 14, I was like, ‘I’m not gonna marry this person. What’s the point of doing it?’

“It’s not me being naive. I just know what it’s supposed to be like. And I think until I feel that, I cannot be bothered.”

Source: Torono Sun.

Dakota Fanning, who has bared all in a sex scene with Boyd Holbrook in her new film ‘Very Good Girls,’ has defended going nude by calling it a part of life.

She told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival that she had never done that before and she was newly allowed to do that, ABC News reported.

“I was newly 18, so yeah, it was, it’s kind of a sensitive thing, but it’s a part of life,” she said.

The film follows Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen on their quest to lose their virginity but their friendship is tested when they fall for the same guy

Source: India Times.

London: `Twilight` actress Dakota Fanning has defended her controversial Marc Jacobs fragrance ad.

She 19-year-old actress said that those who complained about the photo used for the campaign – in which she posed with a bottle of Jacob`s Oh, Lola! perfume between her legs – were reading too much into the image, reported Digital Spy online.

“If you want to read something into a perfume bottle, then I guess you can. But it`s also like, `Why are you making it about that, you creep?`” she said.

The advertisement was banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority over two years ago, after it was deemed “sexually provocative” and “irresponsible”.

Four complainants added that the image of Fanning – then aged 17 – “could be seen to sexualize a child” as she “looked under the age of 16”.

“I love Marc and trust him. We just laughed about it,” Fanning added.

Source: Zee News.

Dakota Fanning, who portrayed Jane of the Volturi in the Twilight Saga, and her sister Elle Fanning have now joined Twitter to raise awareness for the Dec. 15 Day of Giving.

The two have begun to develop a web campaign called which asks followers to submit photographs of themselves giving back to their local communities along with the hashtag #BGiv.

According to Dakota, she and Elle are planning to pitch in with “a day out somewhere in US, helping the homeless, give them food and clothes etc.”

You can follow them now at @DakotaFanning and @ElleFanning to participate!

The Fanning sisters received a warm welcome from at least one member of their Volturi family yesterday, Cameron Bright, who tweeted, “Hey friends – my “sis” @DakotaFanning joined Twitter. Support#TeamVolturi” and “You should go follow @ElleFanning – cause we’re practically family.”

Elle Fanning, who’s hit most of the Twilight premieres, had a little Twilight-related fun with her first day on Twitter, too, writing “I’m still #TeamEdward though………….. @dakotafanning @cameronbright #ShouldITellThisToTheVolturiSiblings????”

UPDATE: While Twitter has “verified” both accounts, according to several sources, the two accounts have now been said to be illegitimate.

Source: Examiner.

Dakota Film To Sundance
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The 2013 Sundance Film Festival is lining up its big announcements for tomorrow at 4pm Eastern. So far I did hear that Naomi Foner’s “Very Good Girls” with Dakota Fanning and Lizzie Olsen, is in. Some other titles we’re thinking may have made it, who knows–include “The East,” written by Britt Marling and peppered with an all star cast including Alexander Skarsgard and Patricia Clarkson; also maybe “Kill Your Darlings,” which tells the story of the murder of Beat figure Lucien Carr, featuring Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsburg (played by Daniel Radcliffe); and “At Any Price” with Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid, and also Kim Dickens, which was shown in Toronto is set to be released next year by Sony Pictures Classics.

Meantime, I’ve learned that “Greetings from Tim Buckley,” directed by Dan Algrant, has gone to Focus Films for distribution. The movie will come out next spring, maybe with a premiere tied to the Tribeca Film Festival. (That would make sense.) Penn Badgley stars as Jeff Buckley, and Ben Rosenfield makes a disarming debut as Tim Buckley in flashbacks to when the singer-songwriter was young and just starting out. “Greetings” played in Toronto to much success. It’s an offbeat success of a film, hard to pull of since both father and son are now long dead.

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