Happy 21st Birthday Dakota!
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We here at fanningdakota.com would like to wish Dakota a very Happy 21st Birthday! 🙂

Images: “Effie Gray” Poster
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We have uploaded the latest “Effie Gray” poster to the gallery.

Video: New ‘Effie Gray’ Trailer
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Watch the newly released “Effie Gray” Trailer below.

Brief movie description:

Effie Gray is the story of a young woman coming of age, finding her own voice in a world where women were expected to be seen but not heard.

Images :: Dakota Back In 2002
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We’ve added the public appearances Dakota was seen at in 2002 to the gallery.


Images :: Dakota Back In 2001
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We have the public appearances Dakota attended back in 2001 in the gallery now.



Images :: Dakota Back In 2000
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We’ve gotten the public appearance Dakota attended way back in 2000 up in the gallery.

According to reports Dakota won’t be having a lavish party when she celebrates her 21st birthday. The actress spoke with the New York Post recently, saying that her next birthday isn’t a big deal to her.

Quotes from Dakota on her Birthday plans…

“I have no idea what to do,” revealed the actress.

“It’s been such a talked-about thing for so long, like, what are you gonna do for your birthday, that I think by the time it rolls around I’m just going to stay home with five friends and call it a day,” continued Fanning.

Quotes from Dakota on her hobby…

She also revealed that she spends most of her free time dedicating herself to a hobby—a hobby that wouldn’t be thought of for most celebrities at her age. Dakota said that she enjoys knitting, and that she has made a scarf for all the directors she has worked with since she started immersing herself in the hobby.

“Pretty much every director I’ve ever worked for I’ve knit a scarf for,” said Fanning.

Uploaded pictures of Dakota attending the “Baz Dazzled” Holiday Window Unveiling Dinner on November 13th to the gallery.

Have put up even more pictures of Dakota, this time its her attending the 18th Annual Accessories Council ACE Awards on November 3rd.

Dakota says the drawback to being a movie actress in the 21st century is everyone knows everything about you, or at least thinks they do.

Here are quotes from what she said about yearning for the mystery of the old Hollywood, when discussing her latest film ‘Effie Gray’.


“I was being asked by an interviewer, like, ‘So, Sean Penn gave you an iguana for your birthday?’ And I was like, ‘No, he didn’t,” (recalls during a recent chat with reporters in New York.)

“Stuff like that where people think they know all this stuff and say it with such confidence and you are like, ‘That’s not true’ or ‘No, I’m not like that.’ … I think it only gets to you as much as you let it get to you.”


“You never saw a movie star without makeup on,” she reflected. “It was very kind of idealized and the information that was put out there would have been created by studios and that was what was sold to audiences, so they believed just enough and there was enough mystery to keep you guessing, I suppose. I wish it was more like that, I guess. I think so much of the mystery of the movies is gone and everybody always wants to know why you do this and why you do that and how you do this and what it’s like… I don’t know. I feel like it would be nice to have a little bit less, so people wouldn’t know so much about you because I think that affects how people watch your films.”