Dakota Fanning, who portrayed Jane of the Volturi in the Twilight Saga, and her sister Elle Fanning have now joined Twitter to raise awareness for the Dec. 15 Day of Giving.

The two have begun to develop a web campaign called GivingSisters.org which asks followers to submit photographs of themselves giving back to their local communities along with the hashtag #BGiv.

According to Dakota, she and Elle are planning to pitch in with “a day out somewhere in US, helping the homeless, give them food and clothes etc.”

You can follow them now at @DakotaFanning and @ElleFanning to participate!

The Fanning sisters received a warm welcome from at least one member of their Volturi family yesterday, Cameron Bright, who tweeted, “Hey friends – my “sis” @DakotaFanning joined Twitter. Support#TeamVolturi” and “You should go follow @ElleFanning – cause we’re practically family.”

Elle Fanning, who’s hit most of the Twilight premieres, had a little Twilight-related fun with her first day on Twitter, too, writing “I’m still #TeamEdward though………….. @dakotafanning @cameronbright #ShouldITellThisToTheVolturiSiblings????”

UPDATE: While Twitter has “verified” both accounts, according to several sources, the two accounts have now been said to be illegitimate.

Source: Examiner.