Admin Update: Returned To Run D.F.F.
Mar, 26 Posted by Shauna
Hey everyone, It is with my greatest apology for being away for far too long. I’ve returned and will be doing my main administrator duties. The site looks stunning with the designs Stefy has done. The reason for my absence is because of medical issues. Me returning is to continue with running this fansite to Dakota Fanning with Stefy. So it’s great to be back and looking forward to bringing you all so much more on an amazing actress. Here’s to a long and happy journey ahead.

News Hiatus
Nov, 16 Posted by Shauna

We are taking a hiatus from the news side of the site, that gives us a chance to catch up on the gallery.

Site: Updates Soon
Aug, 13 Posted by Shauna

I’ll be putting up tons more photo additions soon, seeing as there isn’t much Dakota news at the moment. So will be replacing the medium quality photos with the high quality ones in our gallery now.

I am working behind the scenes on the photo gallery and the missing pages of content. Will have that finished quickly as possible, along with any news I come across.

Updates Soon
May, 29 Posted by Shauna

We apologize for there being a lack of updates for awhile, their going to be here again soon. Just working on a bit of organizing with the photos and content on this site.