Personal photos
Feb, 5 Posted by Stefy

The gallery has been updated with some personal photos from the past few weeks. Check them out, Dakota is lovely in all of them.

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning

Summer break
Jun, 8 Posted by Stefy

I’m taking a little summer break since I’m going to the seaside and I will be without the net or wi-fi and this means that I won’t be able to update the site and gallery.If Shauna won’t be able to update the site I will do it when I come back in July. In the past few days I’ve updated a little bit the gallery with some photos from last year’s appearances so if you want you can check them out!


New helper
May, 27 Posted by Stefy

Hello everyone, I’m Stefy and from now I will run this site with Shauna. I’ve changed the site and gallery’s layouts and I will start updating the gallery soon.

New Ownership
Feb, 6 Posted by Shauna


I am now the owner of Dakota Fanning Fan, so please watch for the latest photos and news to be added soon.

Orphans Broadway Opening Night
Apr, 19 Posted by Vicki

I have added 3 images from last nights Orphans Broadway Opening Night.

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Officially Launched
Apr, 17 Posted by Vicki

Dakota Fanning Fan is FINALLY online, I hope everyone enjoys the site and comes back!

New Owner
Nov, 23 Posted by Vicki

Welcome back to FanningDakota.Com, I am Vicki your new owner, I have been a fan of Dakota since War Of The Worlds, expect new designs soon and the site will be fully launched by 2013, keep checking back for updates.