Happy 25th birthday Dakota
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Happy 25th birthday Dakota! All your fans want to wish you a happy birthday, might all your dreams come true.

Dakota Fanning

Out and about in NYC
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Dakota was photographed while she was out and about in New York City a few days ago. Just a few days before it was confirmed that TNT decided to give a go to ‘The Alienist: The Angel of Darkness’ in which Dakota will return again as Sarah Howard. It also looks like Dakota will be in Venice, Italy pretty soon to attend Miu Miu’s Women Tales during the 75th Venice Film Festival.

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
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Great news for Dakota and all her fans. The talented girl has joined Quentin Tarantino’s new movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

Also joining the cast are Damian Lewis, who will play acting icon Steve McQueen, Luke Perry as Scotty Lancer, Emile Hirsch as hairstylist Jay Sebring, Dakota Fanning as Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme — a member of the Manson family — Clifton Collins as Ernesto the Mexican Vaquero, Keith Jefferson as Land Pirate Keith, and Nicholas Hammond as director Sam Wanamaker.
The film will be released worldwide on August 9, 2019. Opening on the 50th anniversary of the day that the Manson family committed the LaBianca murders and the day after Tate was killed. – VARIETY

I’ve also added some photos from several old and new photoshoots in our gallery so make sure to check them out!

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning

Miu Miu Women’s Tales
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Dakota just announced on instagram that she did a big step in her career, she finally directed a short film.

I am thrilled to say that I directed a short film. My first time directing. It was a great challenge, but so rewarding. Thank you @miumiu for making this dream of mine come true. – Dakota Fanning

The short film is part of “Miu Miu Women’s Tales” and it’s gonna be their 15th short film and according to their instagram page it’s called “Hello apartment”.

Great news for Dakota. Her new movie “Please stand by” is set to premiere at “Alice nella Città” an independent sidebar of Rome Film Festival in the Young Adult category, later this month. The Festival will take place in Rome between the 25th October and the 5th November. According to “Alice nella Città” official site and social media Dakota will be in Rome to attend the event.

One of Dakota’s new movies “Please stand by” will premiere at Austin Film Festival this year. The festival will take place between the 26th October and the 2nd November. “Please Stand By” it’s the story of a young autistic woman runs away from her caregiver in an attempt to submit her manuscript to a writing competition. You can find a promotional still and the first official poster in the gallery.

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning

The Alienist Takes place in 1896 New York, the series focuses on two men tasked (by Teddy Roosevelt!) with solving grisly serial murders, who are aided by a police secretary along the way.

The title comes from the name of those who, in that Gilded Era, studied the mentally ill, who are considered “alienated” from their own nature. Daniel Brühl stars as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a criminal psychologist (and alienist), who works with Luke Evans‘ newspaper illustrator John Moore. Dakota Fanning is that intrepid secretary who assists them in their quest to find this killer of young boy prostitutes, and who seems to form a romantic attachment with Moore (or rather, he becomes attached to her per the trailer).


The series doesn’t have a premiere date yet but is currently shooting in Hungary.

In an interview with ET, actress Dakota Fanning opens up about her latest role as a mute prostitute in the western movie, “Brimstone” and what it was like growing up in the watchful Hollywood eye.

Martin Koolhoven’s 19th century American Western Brimstone premiered Saturday at the Venice Film Festival.

Film Summary:

Dakota Fanning stars as a young mute woman, Liz, whose quiet family life is one day interrupted by the mysterious presence of a new minister in town, played by Guy Pearce. It is soon obvious that he’s out to destroy her life by destroying all those she loves, and we slowly find out why as the film goes back in time in separate acts. Also in the film, there is a mysteriously injured cowboy she decides to nurse back to health, hidden in the family’s barn. Through the film, Liz is continuously on the run but the reverend is never far behind.

The Cast: 

British actor Emilia Jones plays a young Fanning. And Game of Thrones regulars Carice van Houten, who plays her mother, and Kit Harington, who plays the mysteriously injured cowboy, also star.

From A Western To A Woman’s Story:

For the director, the appeal of the film was in changing the common Western into a woman’s story.

“As I was doing research, I found out that my whole idea of the old West was based on 50 percent of the population,” said Koolhoven. “Everyone feels like it was such a free time, that all things are possible, and you have this lawless land. But of course, that was only true for half the population.”

“Either she marries someone or she becomes a whore,” the helmer said of a woman’s options at that time. “Our whole idea of the Western myth is a completely macho idea.”

Dakota Fanning was drawn to the film for its strong female lead.

“That was one of the things that made me want to be a part of the film,” said the actress. “For any genre, it’s very rare to have a story about a woman in these times. It’s a lot of male-dominated films, so anytime I see a film that is really about the strength and the power of the lead female character, I’m always intrigued.”

She continued: “And the fact that it’s a Western, which you really never see a female take charge in a Western kind of film, that made it even more interesting, and definitely something that I had never done before, and something that I think will be different for audiences to watch.”

The experience also had another effect on Fanning, which is to explore the genre more as a whole.

“I think now that I’ve been in a Western, it makes me want to explore watching more films like that,” she said.

We are so excited to see that actress Dakota Fanning is finally on Instagram. She became a part of it on International Women’s Day a couple weeks back.