Mikael Jansson photoshoot
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Dakota did a new photoshoot with Mikael Jansson for Vogue’s september issue as one of the stars are effecting change and leading conversations wherever their careers take them.

Dakota Fanning has been a household name for nearly 20 years. Even more impressive is that the 24-year-old keeps upping the ante: Fanning recently starred on the period television drama The Alienist, which she considers her greatest experience, both personally and professionally. Next up on her agenda is portraying one of the Manson girls in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Quite a full plate and Fanning still manages time for family and friends, as well as an active role in the charity Save the Children. “They do a lot of work in early education for children, especially for girls around the world. I’ve put my energy into that and it’s been really nice.” – Vogue

Dakota was also seen while she was leaving the gym and out and about in New York in the past few days. Make sure to head over to our gallery for the newest photos!

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning

Eleanor Hardwick photoshoot
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Dakota did a new photoshoot with Eleanor Hardwick for W Magazine. She talked with W Magazine about her debut as director with Miu Miu Women’s tales.

It was nearly eight years ago that actress Dakota Fanning, then just 16 years old, attended her first fashion show, Miu Miu’s Spring 2011 collection during Paris Fashion Week. “I was so excited to be there. It was very surreal that I was getting to sit in the front row and I was in Paris,” she recalled. “At the dinner afterwards, Rihanna was there. I wore a pink leather dress that they made for me and a pink cardigan that I still have. I got to meet Mrs. Prada and have had this relationship with Miu Miu ever since.”
Now 23 and a fashion staple, Fanning is officially taking that relationship with Miu Miu to the next level, directing the latest installment of Women’s Tales, the brand’s ongoing short film series. Fanning’s 10-minute feature is called “The Apartment,” and officially premiered last night during London Fashion Week. – READ MORE

Make sure to check out our gallery for the latest photos!

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning

Rankin photoshoot
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Some more photos from Dakota’s photoshoot with Rankin for Hunger Magazine came out! You can now buy the magazine so run and get your copy before it’s too late! Make sure to check out part of her interview from their site as well.

“I was just raised to work hard and be kind to other people and do my best – that was all I was ever told,” says Dakota Fanning with a smile. It’s an effective way to be raised, for sure, as Dakota may just be the nicest celebrity I’ve ever interviewed. And that’s not to say she’s boring, she’s far from that, and in the hour we have following her cover shoot with Rankin, we traverse a wide range of topics from fashion – “I love it but I hate trying on clothes” – through mental health and social media – “It has created more stress in young people’s lives” – to having a voice – “I think in general, just as a human being, it’s important to help other people and give back”. – READ MORE

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning

Review: “Every Secret Thing”
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The author and reviewer gives it a 2.5 stars. Read below to find out why.

With all the police crime procedurals on television these days, a crime movie has to go above and beyond to prove its reason for existence. That’s the struggle that Amy Berg’s first feature directing effort, Every Little Thing, faces at every turn. The film stars Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks and Dakota Fanning.

Fanning stars as Ronnie, who was convicted of killing a baby when she was just eight years old. A decade later, another baby disappears and Detective Nancy Porter (Banks), who found the baby all those years ago, thinks Ronnie had something to do with it. But the truth is that Ronnie’s friend Alice (Danielle Macdonald), who was also sent to juvenile hall for the same crime, has more sinister reasons for abducting the baby. Alice’s mom Helen (Lane) also has secrets and a troubling relationship with her daughter.

Berg tries to direct this in a documentary style, which makes perfect sense considering her background. She’s best known for the Oscar-nominated documentary Deliver Us From Evil, as well as 2012’s West of Memphis. But this gives the film an incredible reliance on flashbacks, without trusting her talented cast to keep audiences engrossed by letting them tell the stories. Perhaps this is a flaw of the script, written by Nicole Holofcener (Enough Said), or Berg just thought that showing was more important than telling in features. That’s true in some cases, but when you’ve got Diane Lane around, give her the challenge.

It’s also clear that Berg is trying to emulate other recent crime dramas, like Gone Girl or Prisoners. But she doesn’t have Roger Deakins manning the camera. Rob Hardy (who just shot Ex Machina) films the action as if through a dark filter, clouding the edges of the screen throughout the film. It’s dreary, but not artfully so. Every Secret Thing looks closer to CSI than Prisoners.

But Berg lucked out with some fine actors. Lane is fantastic as Alice’s mom and Danielle Macdonald looks to have earned a breakthrough role here, if anyone actually sees this movie. Fanning is also perfect as the introverted Ronnie. However, Banks looks out of her element here as a police officer. She’s good in other dramas (particularly in Love & Mercy), but you can’t quite buy her as a veteran cop.

Every Secret Thing will be released by Starz and Anchor Bay on DVD only on Aug. 4. The only bonus feature is a seven-minute reel of deleted scenes (including one with Girls’ Alex Karpovsky).

Berg made a competent police procedural with Every Secret Thing, but it’s really not much more than that. Despite being rated R, there’s nothing incredibly disturbing about it (at least, nothing on a Prisoners level) and doesn’t accomplish the toughest task crime movies face today: being more shocking than TV crime shows.


TheWrap reports that Chloe Moretz will be replacing Dakota Fanning in the Indie film “Brain on Fire”, Fanning exited the project due to scheduling issues, according to an insider.

The film is being produced by actress Charlize Theron and directed by Gerard Barrett.

Other stars include Thomas Mann (“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”) and Will Poulter (“We’re the Millers”) playing the male leads.

Brain on Fire” is an adaptation of Susannah Cahalan’s bestselling memoir, which chronicles a young woman’s sudden descent into madness following a mystery illness.

Warner Bros. is reportedly looking at a number of actresses and one of the world’s top models for roles in their forthcoming Harry Potter spinoff trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne has been lined up for the leading role of “Magizoologist” Newt Scamander.

According to TheWrap

“Saoirse Ronan, Dakota Fanning, Lili Simmons and Alison Sudol are up for the role of Queenie, while Kate Upton, Katherine Waterston and Elizabeth Debicki are being eyed to play Queenie’s older sister, Tina,” “Though it’s unclear whether all of those actresses are available or even wish to pursue the project, several of them already have test deals in place, and Redmayne is expected to read alongside them during those tests, which are slated to take place over the next week.”

Ronan is no stranger to genre fare having starred in The Host, Hanna, The Lovely Bones and City of Ember. Dakota Fanning, of course, was one of the leading child stars of the 2000s having starred in films such as I Am Sam and Man on Fire before seguing to adult roles in the Twilight franchise and The Runaways. Sports Illustrated cover girl Upton has appeared in The Other Woman and The Three Stooges.

Katherine Waterston recently starred in Inherent Vice, while Elizabeth Debicki was in The Great Gatsby. Alison Sudol is a musician-actress whose credits include Transparent, while Lili Simmons starred in Banshee.