At Joan’s On Third
Feb, 21 Posted by Shauna

Dakota was photographed while she was at Joan’s On Third for lunch in Los Angeles. Make sure to check out our gallery for the newest candids. Several articles about Dakota new and upcoming projects are coming out these days, so be sure to read them. Here below you can also watch the trailer of ‘gen:LOCK’ one of Dakota’s latest project.

You also got to play a real-life character in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. How was the experience of working and collaborating with him? What’s he like, as a director?
FANNING: It was such a dream come true for me. I am such a fan of his films, and it’s always been a dream to be in one of his films. When that came true, I was so thrilled, and I loved every second of it. He’s so unbelievably talented, but also someone that’s so excited and passionate about movies and television, and is so knowledgeable. It was a real joy to see someone with that kind of unbridled excitement about making movies, and then getting to make a movie with him. I think everybody who works with him feels that. It’s also why people work with him, over and over. The experience is very intoxicating. It was a really unimaginable thing. I can’t really say any more than that, but that’s my own personal experience. It was a real joy, and I”m so excited for the film. I think people are really going to be thoroughly entertained. – Read more

Rowena Henley: How did you first become involved with the gen:LOCK project?
Dakota Fanning: So I was approached by the guys at Rooster Teeth, and I knew that Michael [B. Jordan] was involved, and I was an admirer of his. So I read a couple of the scripts and we talked through the vision for the series and for my character Miranda and, yeah, I was super into it right away. – Read more

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